Forth Valley Carers Card

The Forth Valley Carers Card is a carer identification card that has been developed by local carers, Carers Centres, NHS Forth Valley and local authorities to ensure that carers are more easily identified by health and social care professionals and recognised and valued as equal partners in care.

Carers who would like to be issued with a Carers Card as part of a one year pilot should contact their local Carers Centre.

UPDATE: The pilot period for the Forth Valley Carers Card has now ended. The card is currently being evaluated by those who have taken part in the pilot. Whilst the card is undergoing this evaluation, carers can still request a new card.

In late January, a report will be available with the findings from the pilot and any recommendations. The report will be accessible via the website or you can request a copy from the Carers Centre in Falkirk.