Care with Confidence in Falkirk: What Carers Need to Know

Care with Confidence

Who can help me with a benefits check?   Where do I go to get a MECS alarm or help at home? 

Where can I find out about Power of Attorney?   Would I be entitled to Legal Aid?

Falkirk & Clackmannanshire Carers Centre is offering carers an opportunity to attend local sessions that will focus on improving their confidence in caring for someone else. These sessions will also provide carers with information that will develop their knowledge and understanding to help them in their caring role.

The new Care with Confidence sessions start on Tuesday 19 June 2018, 10.30 am to 12.30 pm, at the Carers Centre in Falkirk.

For further information, to book a place or if you require alternative care for the person you care for, so that you can attend, please contact Donna Mulder at the Carers Centre or download the programme here.