Digital Carers Card during COVID-19

Carers cards are usful tools for carers to help you be more easily identified as someone who provides care. Since the COVID-19 lockdown began, we have continued to issue Carers Cards to carers in a digital format.

Carers who would like a Carers Card, and who have not had one previously, will be issued with a digital Carers Card, specifically designed to be used on your phone for the duration of the COVID-19 lockdown.

To receive a digital Carers Card, please complete the digital referral form linked below:

Click here to complete referral form

If you have previously had a Forth Valley Carers Card that has now expired, please complete the Contact Us form on our website, and ask to be emailed with a letter that can be used alongside your existing expired card.

If you are working with someone who does not have access to the internet or an email address, please ask them to contact the number below.

For further information, please contact us on 01324 611510 and leave a message, or email